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Concrete Polishing Services

Your trusted concrete polishing contractor in Oakland County, MI.

Concrete Polishing

AM Concrete Polishing & Coating is a trusted concrete polishing company proudly serving Southeast Michigan including, Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County and many more.

Polished concrete is quickly becoming the preferred floor for those looking for aesthetics, durability and cost savings. Polished concrete is still the most durable and sought-after flooring in the country. Everyone likes the appearance of polished concrete, but the real advantages of having a polished concrete floor far outweigh the advantages of any other type of flooring option.

Polished concrete floors have become the ideal decorative concrete solution for interior floors due to its excellent value and what it delivers. It’s aesthetically pleasing as well!

Concrete Polishing in Michigan

AM Concrete Polishing & Coating offers high-quality concrete polishing services to many different industries in Southeast Michigan. We can advise you on how concrete polishing can transform your flooring to provide a high-quality surface that will last for years to come. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive concrete polishing services including removing old flooring and floor adhesive removal to prepare the surface for polishing.

AM Concrete Polishing & Coating serves cities in Southeast Michigan such as, Southfield, Farmington, West Bloomfield, Metro Detroit, Sterling Heights, Macomb, Oakland, and many more. Our dedicated team and experienced concrete polishers have the knowledge to polish concrete to your specific needs and taste.

If you’re looking for a beautiful polished concrete floor for your warehouse, shop, retail establishment, industrial building, or a project anywhere in Southeast Michigan, then you’re in the right place. We’ve polished concrete all over Michigan.

Advantages of Concrete Polishing

Cost Savings

AM Concrete Polishing & Coating’s polished concrete service is fairly inexpensive compared to other solutions. The high cost of traditional flooring materials such as laminate, tile, and carpet aren’t necessary when the original slab is going to be used as the finished floor surface.

High Traffic Resistance

Unlike other flooring options, polished concrete floors will never fade. Even if stained, the stain will not fade, even under the harshest of traffic. AM Concrete Polishing & Coating’s method of staining is a proven method that will stand the test of time.

Colors and Designs

Polished concrete can be easily stained to match any existing room, and the design and color options for your floors are almost limitless. From simple colors to custom borders, logos and custom designs, these concrete floors are only limited by your imagination. Simply give us an idea as to what you’re looking for and we can give you many of ideas.

Less Maintenance & Longer Life

Polished concrete floors are not only easy to clean, they usually require only occasional mopping. No special wax is necessary in order to maintain the shine of polished concrete. Plus, polished concrete floors remove the need for other coatings, and labor time and expense to apply them. The glossy surface can also resist the usual marks left behind from forklifts, tires, and the usual staining from oil or chemicals spilt.

Moisture Resistant

Polished concrete floors, unlike laminate, wood and epoxy floors, allow the floor to properly breathe plus removes all the issues that may arise with other flooring materials that completely seal the concrete floor.

Light Reflection

Light reflective flooring is very important for places like warehouses, hotels, office buildings, restaurants, stadiums, and other places that would like to project a brighter, cleaner, and more professional image. Polished concrete floors can also save energy by reducing the amount of artificial light required.

Trusted Concrete Polishing Contractor in Michigan

AM Concrete Polishing and Coating LLC in Oakland County Michigan

Concrete Polishing Services

If you live in Michigan and are looking for a polished concrete company that gets it right, believes in quality and reliability, and has great prices, be sure to contact us. We provide free, no obligation quotes for anyone Southeast Michigan. Depending on the scope of work, we offer one-day concrete polishing services in Michigan.

Concrete Stain & Polish

Is your concrete starting to look worn and dull? If so, you may want to consider a concrete stain polish.  If you want to add better coloring and stain resistance to your concrete, a concrete stain polish is the way to go. We handle the entire process for you, so can sit back and enjoy your new floor. AM Concrete Polishing & Coating specializes in concrete polishing and epoxy floors.

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