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Epoxy Flooring Design & Installation

Your trusted epoxy flooring contractor in Oakland County, MI.

Epoxy Flooring

AM Concrete Polishing & Coating offers epoxy floor coating installation using trusted epoxy flooring materials. Our durable epoxy flooring is an ideal coating for use over concrete floors in commercial and industrial buildings including in manufacturing plants, grow facilities, or warehouses.

In addition to our Commercial Epoxy Flooring services, we offer Residential Epoxy Flooring too. If you have a garage, basement, or other area in your home that needs epoxy flooring, give us a call. We can create custom epoxy flooring designs that will bring life to any space.

Our epoxy flooring, installed by our expert epoxy floor technicians, offers a high gloss, hard wearing, and durable surface. If you are looking for a local Michigan company to provide reliable and expedient epoxy floor coating installation, contact AM Concrete Polishing & Coating today to learn more about our durable self-leveling epoxy flooring.

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Epoxy Floor Coating Uses

AM Concrete Polishing & Coating’s epoxy floor coatings being durable epoxy flooring that can be used for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With a quick and easy application process, our concrete floor coating option is ideal for use in commercial and industrial buildings such as:

  • Commercial Facilities & Residential Garages & Basements
  • Marijuana Grow Facilities
  • Industrial, Retail, Salons
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Storage and Shipping Warehouses
  • Architectural Applications
  • Food and Beverage Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Buildings & much more!

AM Concrete Polishing & Coating offers epoxy flooring installation services throughout Michigan in counties such as Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Livingston County and more. With our professional epoxy flooring installation services, we can turn new or old concrete floors into durable, beautiful, and functional surfaces. If your home or commercial building is a new construction, or has new concrete floors, our epoxy floor coatings can improve the durability of the surface, making it last for years to come. If your building has older concrete floors, epoxy flooring will bring new life to your space. Even if your old concrete floors are in bad condition. Epoxy flooring can be an affordable option for restoring damaged floors, thus, our epoxy flooring installation helps you avoid the costs of new concrete or other expensive flooring choices.

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Varied Thickness

Our epoxy flooring can be applied with a variety of thicknesses, it can be used for a range of applications making it extremely a versatile flooring solution.

Chemical Resistance

Once applied, our epoxy flooring is durable and resistant to most chemicals making it an ideal concrete floor coating for use in industrial environments.


Our epoxy floor coating is self-leveling, making it more efficient for our expert epoxy floor crews to install over old or new concrete floors.

Durable Surface

Epoxy flooring creates a high-performance surface over concrete floors, which is unified, durable, and appealing. Hence, after our professional epoxy flooring application, you will have a durable floor for years to come.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Epoxy flooring is an environmentally friendly flooring solution for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings that makes " GREEN flooring" reasonably priced and easy.

Easy to Clean Surface

Epoxy flooring turns porous concrete floors into a high-gloss, durable surface that can easily be cleaned. Because epoxy flooring results in a nonporous, seamless surface, it will not trap dirt, making this flooring ideal for food preparation, grow facilities, medical, and pharmaceutical production.

Safer Alternative

Epoxy Flooring is impact resistant, slip resistant, and fire resistant. It also improves safety in work areas by improving brightness by light reflection. These are the main reasons industrial buildings and retail stores utilize epoxy floors.

Cost Efficiency

Affordable epoxy flooring is a cost-effective solution because it can reduce lighting costs and cleaning costs. Lastly, because this durable surface is resistant to chemical deterioration, a single, affordable epoxy flooring application will last for years.

Epoxy Floor Installation Services

Let your imagination go wild with the unlimited custom designs and options we can provide.

Fast Epoxy Flooring Installation Service in Michigan

Epoxy Flooring Ideas

If you’re looking for new flooring ideas or want to make an existing floor functional and aesthetically pleasing, then epoxy flooring might be a great option for you. We offer affordable prices and quality that is second to none. We can create unlimited epoxy floor designs if you’re looking for something special. Because epoxy is a poured liquid, not a solid, the possibilities are endless.

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Epoxy Basement & Garage Floors

Due to the stain resistance, durability and quality of epoxy flooring, it’s a great fit for garages and basements. If you have a garage or basement with a concrete floor, the epoxy flooring can be applied to create a smooth and easy to clean surface with great designs. We handle everything from installation and maintenance for all of your epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flooring Contractor Wayne, Macomb, Oakland County Michigan

Metallic Epoxy Floors

For those searching for an awesome decorative flooring option, our metallic epoxy floors are the perfect solution. It has all the durability and easy to clean qualities as a traditional epoxy floor, but metallic epoxy floors are stunning pieces of art for any space. Metallic epoxy floors are great for retail, colleges, commercial buildings, salons, and much more.

Epoxy Flooring Contractor Macomb, Oakland County Michigan

Decorative Epoxy Flooring

Some epoxy floors can appear somewhat uninteresting. But don’t let that fool you. Epoxy flooring offers much flexibility in design which in part is why it has become such a popular choice for decorative flooring. We can create marbling, intricate designs, color blocking, and more. Let your imagination run wild and we make it a reality using a custom decorative epoxy.

Epxoy Flooring Contractor Oakland County Michigan

Concrete Epoxy Repairs

Is your concrete starting to look worn and dull? You may want to consider an epoxy concrete repair. If you want to add stain resistance, better coloring, or concrete texturing to your concrete floor, epoxy is the way to go. We handle the entire process for you so you can sit back and enjoy your new floor. AM Concrete Polishing & Coating specializes in concrete polishing & epoxy floors.

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